Advocate for an Informed Decision at Portland City Council's Hearing on Bull Run Water Treatment


Bull Run Reservoir, source of the majority of Portland's drinking water.

Should we spend $500 million on a filtration plant PLUS $100 million on a UV plant to treat Bull Run water? This is the hasty recommendation, released late last week, of the Portland Water Bureau. There is considerable confusion regarding Bull Run treatment decisions.

Oregon PSR agrees with PUB, CUB and water customers on this point: we must have an informed public discussion before decisions are made. The Portland City Council must not lock down on a specific treatment on August 2. We all deserve accurate information and sufficient time to digest it, including information about potential impacts to low-income communities, communities of color, and the carbon footprint of alternatives. Let's not be forced into a hasty decision.

Please prepare 2-3 minute testimony or simply attend. We need a good crowd at the Portland City Council hearing to ensure that the Council agrees to request an extension from the Oregon Health Authority. Please join us:

WHAT: Portland City Council hearing and vote on Bull Run Drinking Water Treatment
WHEN: Wed. August 2, 2017 2:00pm (Time Certain)
WHERE: Portland City Hall, Council Chambers
1221 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR