Thank You to Our 40th Anniversary Cultivation Circle Sponsors!


Oregon PSR expresses our most sincere appreciation to our 40th Anniversary Cultivation Circle Sponsors! As we celebrate our 40th year throughout 2021, your contributions are what make our work for a more healthy, just, and peaceful world possible. Thank you!


40th Anniversary Cultivation Circle
Individual Sponsors

Saving Seeds for the Next Generation Level
($4,000 and up)

Patrick O'Herron, MD & Diana Rempe, PhD

Sharing the Bounty Level
($1,400 to $4,000)

Indra Bloemers, RN
Ann Turner, MD and Catherine Bax, PA

Tending the Garden Level
($540 to $1,400)

Virginia Feldman, MD & George Feldman, MD
Stan Freidberg, MD and Colleen Freidberg
Al & Nancy Jubitz
Regna Merritt
Pat Murphy, ND, LAc
Bonnie Reagan, MD, and Peter Reagan, MD
Evelyn Whitlock, MD

Watering the Starts Level
($140 to $540)

Bud Anderson
Mary & John Campbell
Maxine Fookson, RN, MN
Barbara Ford
Ruth Frankel
John Gillette
JoAnne Hermens
Teresa Keane, MSN, PMHNP
Ronni Lacroute
Elis Madrigal, MD
Elaine McKenzie, RN, MPH
Phil Newman, MD & Phoebe Newman
John Pearson, MD & Nena Pearson
Jim Scott, MD
Karen Steingart, MD, MPH & Julian Fifer
Karen Weliky, DMD

Sowing the Seeds Level
($40 to $140)

David Chatfield
Nancy Christie
Pam Cline, LCSW
Susan Cundiff
Susan DeFrancesco, JD, MPH
Chisao Hata
Daniel Högsta
Rich Iwasaki
LaJuan Jecker, MD
Marla McGarry-Lawrence
Laureen Nussbaum, PhD
Penny Okamoto
Mike Owens, MD
Jane Payne, MD
Jon Petterson, MD
David Pollack, MD
Jenny Pompilio, MD, MPH
Bill & Sara Tattam
Estelle Voeller
Marleen Wallingford
Diane Williams, MD and John Engelhardt