Waste Incineration

Oregon PSR's Environmental Health Program opposes waste incineration. We have been active in opposing incineration of municipal and medical waste in Marion County, in opposing pyrolysis proposals in Tigard and plasma gasification proposals in Arlington and other communities, and in promoting expanded programs for waste prevention and reduction, reuse, recycling, composting, and community education. We work in Oregon and beyond to educate elected officials and the public regarding meeting our inter-related resource, energy, waste, environmental, and human health needs in a sustainable and just fashion.

Health & Environmental Justice Groups Applaud Metro Council Decision to Abandon Waste Incineration Proposal (8/8/17)

Read our 7/24/17 letter to Metro Council asking them to oppose sending waste to the Covanta incinerator. The letter was initiated by Oregon PSR, NAACP Portland and Neighbors for Clean Air, with 12 other organizations supporting our position.

6/13/17 Notes on Metro Waste to Energy Incineration 2nd Health Impact Assessment Workshop by Joe Miller, Oregon PSR

5/31/17 Comments from Joe Miller, Oregon PSR, re: Draft HIA on Metro's WTE Incineration Proposal

10/7/16 Oregon PSR Recommendation that Metro Decide Against Adoption of its Waste-to-Energy Incineration Proposal