As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to make in-person meetings and events a potential public health risk, many meetings and events are switching to webinars and other online meetings. Below are a number of webinars organized by Oregon PSR's community partner organizations that you might find useful and informative (please note that these online events are not organized by Oregon PSR). See our COVID-19 response and resources page for more information, and check out our News blog, our YouTube channel, and our Facebook page for more webinar and other online event recordings.

Oregon PSR's 40th Anniversary Online Celebration (11/18/21)

Oregon PSR 40th Anniversary Highlights Video (11/18/21)

Healthy Climate Program

Nuclear Power Is Not a Climate Solution: Three Webinars (3/10/22)

Health Impacts of Gas Appliances Webinar 2 (2/24/22)

Environmental Justice and Oregon's "Climate Protection Program" (9/21/21)

Health Impacts of Gas Appliances Webinar 1 (9/14/21)

Our Health In Wildfire Season (6/29/21)

"The Long and Twisted Tale of Jordan Cove LNG" Film Screening (6/5/20)

Indigenous Land & Water Protectors Webinar: Fighting Fossil Fuels in the Pacific Northwest (5/28/20)

Frackland Tour, Virtual Edition: Confronting the Public Health Impacts of Shale Gas Development (5/21/20)

The Climate Reality Project & Poor People’s Campaign: The Intersection of the Climate Crisis & Social Justice (5/19/20)

Cities Climate Action Webinar: Focus on Buildings (5/2/20)

Workshop on Letters to the Editor (multiple sessions on 4/14, 4/21, and 4/28/20)

Know Your Rights for Climate Activists (multiple sessions on 4/16, 4/23, and 4/30/20)

Earth Day 2020 Rally PDX (4/22/20)

Peace Program

2021 Hiroshima & Nagasaki Memorial Event (8/6/21)

2021 Greenfield Peace Scholarship Awards Ceremony (4/29/21)

Growing the Nuclear Abolition Movement Through Local Resolutions (3/19/21)

Remembering Fukushima Ten Years Later (3/11/21)

Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons Entry Into Force Celebration (1/21/21)

75 Years Later Is Now: Hiroshima, Nagasaki, & Ending the Nuclear Threat (8/6/20)

2020 Greenfield Peace Scholarship Awards Ceremony (4/25/20)


Mass Incarceration as a Public Health Crisis (multiple webinars in collaboration with Oregon Justice Resource Center)

Undoing the War on Drugs: Hope, Healing, & Measure 110 (9/29/20)

Building Resilience in a Time of Uncertainty: Individually, Organizationally, & As a Movement (4/23/20)

Virtual Town Hall Project Meeting with Senator Ron Wyden (4/17/20)


COVID-19 & the Impact on Communities of Color: Our Nation's Inequities Exposed (5/20/20)

Planetary & Human Health In a Time of Pandemics, Recession, & the Accelerating Climate Emergency (4/30/20)

Vulnerability & Resilience to COVID-19 & the Climate Crisis (4/29/20)

COVID-19 & Health Equity: Exploring Disparities & Long-Term Health Impacts (4/29/20)

Environmental Justice Community Impacts From the Coronavirus Health & Economic Crises (4/28/20)

Combating Social Isolation, Anxiety, & Depression During COVID-19 (4/22/20)

Emotional Wellness During a Pandemic: Live Session with Dr. Ruth Zúñiga (In Spanish) (recorded 4/17/20)

COVID-19: Threats to Democracy & Public Safety Through the Lens of the Asian American Experience (recorded 4/13/20)

US Climate Strike Response to COVID-19 Social Community Series (multiple webinars, see link for details)