Oregon PSR works to protect human life from the gravest threats to health and survival.

We are an organization of health professionals and public health advocates working collaboratively with community partners to educate and advocate for societal and policy change that protects human health at the local, state, national, and international level. We seek a healthy, just, and peaceful world for present and future generations.

Our current work focuses on the following program areas:

Peace & Nuclear Disarmament    Healthy Climate    Ending Nuclear Power    Environmental Health


With the threat of climate chaos and nuclear war feeling all the more tangible as fires, floods, and hurricanes wreak havoc and tensions rise with North Korea, I am more grateful than ever to be part of an organization making progress on tackling these existential threats.

"...we believe that all people, wherever they were born, deserve a healthy environment with clean air, clean water, and a stable climate." Oregon PSR opposes Initiative Petition 22 (IP 22), an attempt by the anti-immigrant hate group Oregonians for Immigration Reform (OFIR) to repeal our state’s 30-year-old inclusivity law (ORS...

On August 20th of this year a valve in the Columbia Generating Station (CGS) nuclear power plant’s condenser froze shut, stopping its ability to cool the reactor core and forcing plant operators to rapidly shut down the nuclear plant. It remained at zero power for nearly two weeks. This loss...