Member Spotlight

Oregon PSR would not be able to engage in our work so effectively without the efforts of our dedicated volunteers. In this Volunteer Spotlight section of our website, we would like to acknowledge just a few of our stand-out volunteers for their efforts, and we appreciate everyone who helps us make this critically important work for a healthier and more peaceful world possible. Thank you!

Margie_Kircher_photo.jpgMargie Kircher, MS, OT, Environmental Health Working Group Member

Margie has spent over 25 years as an occupational therapist working with children in special education in Vancouver, WA. She has personally noticed a sharp increase in kids suffering from neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism, ADHD, and learning impairments. Margie works tirelessly with Oregon PSR to document and speak about the connections between those disorders and prenatal exposure to environmental toxins such as endocrine disrupting chemicals, heavy metals, and particulate matter from fossil fuel combustion. Margie says that her driving motivation is a concern for the well-being of children and future generations. We applaud Margie for her steadfast hard work on protecting neurological health!