Clean Air Lobby Day


We’ll be advocating for a dirty diesel deadline and funding for Cleaner Air Oregon at the Clean Air Lobby Day, Wednesday, February 14th in Salem.

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From our friends at Neighbors for Clean Air:

The legislative session starts next month, and your legislators need to see actual people show up to demonstrate that we care about cleaning up Oregon’s air. Clean air has taken a back seat in Oregon in years past, and we’ve all seen the results. 
Along with serious diesel pollution impacting all of our health and an historical lack of enforceable air quality rules, 43% of Oregon’s largest polluters are currently operating with expired permits—some as long as five years past due. 
We need to tell our representatives that we won’t wait anymore! 

We want them to prioritize real mandates for clean air, like: 
1) funding to enforce Oregon’s new air quality regulations and reduce permitting backlogs, and 
2) standards to rid our state of dirty diesel and prohibit importing old equipment, already outlawed in California.

We’ll be delivering valentines to our legislators and reminding them why we love clean air. 
We’ll be providing breakfast and lunch, transportation and materials for attendees. A full agenda is forthcoming.

February 14, 2018 at 9:00am - 3pm
Oregon State Capitol
KellyAnn Cameron ·