Support a Fossil Fuel Free Future!

Join OregonPSR and Sign the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty!

Physicians for Social Responsibility and Global Climate and Health Alliance with the support of the WHO-Civil Society Working Group on Climate and Health have launched a health professional letter in support of a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty. 

Take action today and join Oregon PSR in signing on to show your support for a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty. 

The Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty calls on decision makers to commit to phasing out fossil fuels and supporting a just transition to a sustainable future. The treaty is made up of three pillars:

  1. Non-Proliferation -  end the proliferation of coil, oil and gas by ending all new exploration and production. 
  2. Fair phase-out - phase out existing production of fossil fuels in line with the 1.5C global climate goal. 
  3. Just Transition - fast track real solutions and a just transition for every worker, community and country. 

Join health professionals around the world by signing on to the health letter in support of the treaty.

Not a health professional? Endorse the general call for the treaty.