Online Climate Q&A with Oregon’s State Treasurer Tobias Read

read2.jpgState Treasurers have an enormous - and often underutilized - role to play in fighting the climate crisis. Oregon State Treasurer Tobias Read (pictured here) manages the $110 Billion state pension fund investments and votes those shares at the Annual General Meetings of some of the largest financial institutions and fossil fuel companies in the country.

As the manager of the PERS retirement fund, Tobias Read not only decides where to invest the billions entrusted to him by state workers (like firefighters and teachers), he could also make multinational corporations lose sleep when he leverages his clout to push for the environmental and human rights protections that the public wants.

Our community partners at 350PDX is organizing this Q&A to educate the community about the power of state treasurers in the fight against the climate crisis and to continue to push the Treasurer Read to vote and invest as a climate champion. Join this online event to hear directly from the Treasurer and from activists and community members from around the state.

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May 05, 2021 at 7:00pm - 8pm