Oppose Withdrawal from Iran Nuclear Agreement



Join the American Iranian Friendship Council, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility and friends for an emergency rally and demonstration to oppose Trump's withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Agreement (JCPOA).

Meet-up at 
6:00 PM At Pioneer Courthouse Square and then march to the Federal Building
We will gather to protest the latest unilateral action by President Trump to withdraw the U.S. from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly called the Iran Nuclear Agreement or Iran Nuclear Deal. 
This Executive Order by President Trump, followed almost immediately by heavy bombing raids by Israel on Iranian targets in Syria, are very dangerous escalations to destabilize the entire Middle East and drive towards war. This is time for us to make public our support for diplomacy and engagement--as the Iran deal was effectively doing. 
Please come Friday at 6:00 PM to show your support for:
--Diplomacy over the rhetoric and actions that lead to war
--European nations' efforts to keep the JCPOA intact
--Opposition to any U.S. attempts to sanction either Iran or other nations who wish to continue doing business with Iran
--Legislators who are making public statements opposing yet another unilateral and irresponsible action by this Administration 
This is such a serious threat to world peace. Please join to show that the people of the US care and that we will not stand for actions that endanger our world. 
May 11, 2018 at 6:00pm - 7pm
Pioneer Courthouse Square
Kelly Campbell ·