Public Health & Social Justice


All the major open-access slide shows on the Public Health and Social Justice website, curated by Oregon PSR Advisory Board Member Martin Donohoe, MD, have recently been updated (6/23/21 update). Open access means that all or a portion of any slide show can be used by anyone, with appropriate citation. The site addresses the social, economic, environmental, human rights, and cultural contributors to health and illness. Some of the content focuses on the medical humanities and the history of medicine.

Episodes of Prescription for Justice, hosted by Dr. Donohoe, are also available online. Visit the Prescription for Justice YouTube page for future updates and episodes. The website and television program/podcast are designed for students, educators, activists, and the general public. Both are free of ads, have no sponsors, and are not monetized.

View a slide show on the health, economic, and social consequences of racism.

Episodes 28 and 29. Slavery and Reparations (March, 2020)

Episode 27: Ignorance, Pseudoscience, & Democracy (February, 2020)

Episode 25 and 26: Lead Poisoning and Corporate Malfeasance (November, 2019)

Other episodes are all available on the Prescription for Justice YouTube channel or as a podcast.

Be sure to also check out the content on the Public Health and Social Justice website.