Tell Portland City Council to Break Up with Zenith


Oregon PSR, alongside countless community organizations and community members, has been organizing to protect our health and safety from Zenith Energy, a local crude oil storage facility in Northwest Portland. Zenith is responsible for transporting and storing toxic, dangerous materials in and through our community via trains and ships.

Please join us in taking action by sending creative Valentine's Day break-up cards to Portland City Council this month. This spring, some permit renewals are due and the City of Portland has an opportunity to weigh in and possibly stop Zenith. We have three new City Council members (Dan Ryan, Mingus Mapps, and Carmen Rubio) who may not yet be fully informed about Zenith. Also, members who were persuaded to oppose Zenith in the past (Ted Wheeler and Jo Ann Hardesty) need to know how much we still care. So, let’s send all five Commissioners Valentine's Day break-up cards!

Tell Portland City Council to Break Up with Zenith!   

Break out your pink and red construction paper - it’s time to make Valentine's Day breakup cards:  

Sample messages (feel free to come up with your own):

Dear Commissioner,
Please be MY valentine, and break up with Zenith.
It’s a toxic relationship.

City of Roses, home to us all
People and salmon, trees that grow tall
Our river’s at risk, oil trains run amok
Please take some swift action, we must deconstruct.

Dear City Council: 
Love and kisses!
Kick out Zenith. 
No more near misses!

Drop your cards in the mail by the end of February to:  

Mayor Ted Wheeler
1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 340
Portland, OR 97204

Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty
1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 230
Portland, OR 97204

Commissioner Mingus Mapps
1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 210
Portland, OR 97204

Commissioner Carmen Rubio
1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 220
Portland, OR 97204

Commissioner Dan Ryan
1221 SW Fourth Avenue, Room 240
Portland, OR 97204

Thank you for taking action and telling Portland City Council to break up with Zenith!