Thank Governor Brown for Oregon's Lawsuit to Challenge Jordan Cove LNG Federal Approval

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In March 2020, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued an approval of the Jordan Cove LNG export terminal and Pacific Connector fracked gas pipeline. They did so on the condition that the project owner, Pembina, must get all necessary permits in order to move forward with the project. Thanks to your efforts, along with thousands of more who have followed the leadership of southern Oregonians opposed to the project, Oregon has not issued any of three essential permits for Jordan Cove LNG. Despite this, the federal government is trying to push the project through and threaten landowners with eminent domain.

That's why Oregon PSR joined a group of community organizations in filing a lawsuit challenging FERC's rubber-stamp approval of Jordan Cove LNG. Landowners and Tribal nations filed lawsuits of their own. And now, the State of Oregon has joined the ranks of those suing the federal government to stop Jordan Cove LNG. 

Please take a moment to thank Oregon Governor Kate Brown's office and let them know that they made the right move. Send a handwritten note or postcard of thanks to:

Office of the Governor
900 Court Street, Suite 254
Salem, OR 97301-4047

Or, alternatively, you can use the online feedback portal to write a short note of thanks to Governor Brown. 

Thank you for taking action!

Image Credit: Alex Milan Tracy © 2019