Update & Take Action on Jordan Cove LNG


Only two months into 2020, the Jordan Cove LNG export terminal and Pacific Connector fracked gas pipeline proposed by Canadian fossil fuel company Pembina has suffered a slew of defeats thanks to region-wide organizing led by southern Oregonians. This massive fracked gas project would quickly become Oregon's largest single emitter of greenhouse gases and disrupt property rights, Tribes, natural resources, and existing fishing and tourism jobs. Oregon PSR has participated in numerous events that continue to signal that Oregon does not want this project and that our state has the authority to prevent it from ever being built.

Here is a recap of what has happened to Jordan Cove LNG in 2020 so far:

  • The Oregon Department of State Lands sent a letter to Jordan Cove LNG indicating that they would not give the company any additional timeline extensions to address major concerns raised in public comments, including Oregon PSR's detailed comments to the state agency.
  • In response to the Oregon Dept. of State Lands extension request rejection, Jordan Cove LNG withdrew their application for the essential Removal-Fill permit after pursuing it for two years. 
  • Oregon PSR joined partners from across the state in thanking the Oregon Dept. of State Lands for not giving Jordan Cove LNG continued leeway and holding the company to Oregon's standards for best use of state waters (see picture above).
  • On the eve of an expected determination on Jordan Cove LNG from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development denied the critical Coastal Zone Management Act authorization, marking a denial of the third critical Oregon permit needed to build the project.
  • FERC voted not to advance the Jordan Cove LNG facility in light of Oregon's Coastal Zone rejection.
  • We now continue to await a FERC determination for the project. In 2016, a prior iteration of this project was denied twice by FERC and Commissioner Glick currently remains strongly opposed to the project.
  • Oregonians are putting pressure on Senator Ron Wyden to oppose the project and urging Governor Kate Brown to fight to uphold Oregon's right to keep Jordan Cove LNG from ever being built.

You can take action:

1) Call Governor Brown at (503) 378-4582. Oregon agencies denied three critical state permits for Jordan Cove LNG. This is huge! Let Governor Brown know that 1) her state agencies are doing a great job of protecting Oregon from Jordan Cove LNG and 2) encourage her to stand up to any attempt by the current federal administration to override any of our state’s safeguards that Jordan Cove LNG has failed to meet.

2) Call Senator Wyden today at (202) 224-5244 and ask him to stand with Oregon and tell FERC to deny Jordan Cove LNG once and for all. This week is critical: Senator Wyden must speak up now for Oregon's authority to deny Jordan Cove and to protect the rights and resources of every Oregonian.