Portland & Multnomah County Commissioners Need Calls for a Progressive 100% Clean, Renewable Energy Resolution


Oregon PSR is working tirelessly with partners to secure strong resolutions from the City of Portland and Multnomah County that support a rapid and just transition to 100% renewable energy. We've been on a trajectory to secure the best policy in the nation. Given that 2016 was the warmest year on record and 2016 was the wettest winter on record, we know we have no time to spare if we are to avert climate catastrophe.

It's very important that we share a common understanding of what is and what is not "renewable energy." As the date for the June 1st hearings and votes on these 100% renewable resolutions fast approaches, industry has pushed back hard on decision makers who agree with us. They pushed so hard that, just yesterday, one of the most critical clauses was deleted from proposed resolutions. 

The "disappeared" clause:

WHEREAS, “renewable energy” specifically excludes energy derived from fossil fuels, nuclear, non-residential biomass, incineration of municipal and medical waste, and any large-scale future hydroelectric development;

We need your help to get it back!

Call Portland City Council: 

Call Multnomah County:

Sample Calling Script:

Hello, my name is _________. 

I live in (Portland/Multnomah County and am a public health advocate/health professional. I support a rapid and just transition away from fossil fuels and towards a healthy climate.  I support reinstatement of the following clause in the Renewable Energy Resolution:

“Renewable energy” specifically excludes energy derived from fossil fuels, nuclear, biomass, and incineration of municipal and medical waste;

I am counting on Commissioner _______________ to include that language and pass it. 

Please DO NOT GIVE IN to pressure from industry and utility lobbyists to weaken or block this critical element of the Renewable Energy resolution. Thank you!

We trust that, with many supportive calls coming from you, we will move our elected leaders to reclaim this significant safeguard in strong resolutions for health and climate justice. Together, we must counter a huge industry/utility push to exclude it.