Vote with OregonPSR for a Healthy, Safe, and Just Oregon!

Ballots are out and OregonPSR is excited to announce our 2022 Measure Endorsements! This midterm election Oregon has some great measures to vote for and we hope you will join us in voting for a safer, healthier and just Oregon. Oregon PSR has endorsed three measures - Measure 111 Healthcare for All Oregon, Measure 114 Gun Safety Measure, and Measure 26-228 Portland Charter Reform. Read on to learn more! 

Voter Information: 

Important Dates: 

  • November 8th - Election Day, this is the last day to vote! 

Oregon PSR Endorsed Ballot Measures: 

Ballot Measure 111 - Right to Healthcare Oregon:

What is Measure 111? 

  • Measure 111 is a ballot measure that will appear on the November ballot. This measure is a legislative referral; our state legislature referred this measure to the ballot in 2021, via SJR 12.  

Measure 111 does the following: 

  1. It obligates the state to make sure that every resident of Oregon has access to cost-effective, clinically appropriate, and affordable healthcare. 
  2. It adds this obligation to our state constitution. 
  3. It requires the state to balance fulfilling this constitutional obligation with the state’s need to fund all other essential public services
  4. If a legal action is brought against the state, because an individual feels that they were not able to access cost-effective, clinically appropriate, and affordable healthcare, any remedy issued by a court must respect the balance of funding healthcare with funding all other essential public services 

Learn more at: About — Right to Healthcare Oregon - Vote Yes on Measure 111

Ballot Measure 114 - Gun Safety Measure

What is Measure 114?

  • Measure 114 will require a completed background check, hands-on safety training, fingerprinting and a permit to purchase a gun. It will also limit the sale of ammunition magazines that can fire more than 10 bullets without having to reload.

Learn more at: LEARN MORE | voteyeson114

Ballot Measure 26-228 - Portland Charter Reform 

Measure 26-228 will: 

  1. Allow voters to rank candidates in order of preference on the ballot. Measure 26-228 will give all Portlanders more voice and more choice in our elections by allowing us to rank candidates in order of preference.
  2. Establish city council districts so that our elected officials are accountable to their communities. Measure 26-228 will establish four City Council districts, with three councilmembers in each district who are accountable to their constituents.
  3. Make the government more effective and transparent through professional city management. Under the new system, a professional city administrator will be accountable for managing day-to-day city operations. That administrator will report to the mayor. The city administrator will be solely focused on delivering the services our city needs. City council members will no longer manage city services. With this new approach, the City Council will be more accessible to the community and can more thoughtfully connect with constituents and work together with the community to develop solutions.

Learn more at: About — Portland United for Change

And while we don’t endorse candidates, we do urge you to vote for the climate! 


Have questions or want more information? Please reach out to Anna Kahler at [email protected].