COVID-19 Response

At Oregon PSR, we are doing our part to keep our communities safe from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Public health experts’ understanding of the situation is evolving rapidly and we encourage you to continually check with the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Oregon Health Authority, Multnomah County Health Department, and your local county health department for the latest information.

Until further notice, subject to change, Oregon PSR is adopting the following organizational policies, which may affect meetings and events with which we are involved (updated 9/2/21):

  • As a default, staff will convene or attend virtual meetings. 
  • Staff are not required to attend in-person meetings or events, but may choose to do so if they are fully vaccinated, wear a mask, and if the event follows current local public health guidelines. 
  • Any in-person meetings or events organized or sponsored by Oregon PSR must be in compliance with current local public health guidelines. In addition, we strongly recommend that events are held outdoors whenever possible and with clear communication that all participants are expected to be fully vaccinated, wear a mask, and maintain physical distancing. 
  • We encourage everyone to get vaccinated, wear a high quality mask (such as an N95 or KF94), physically distance, wash hands regularly, and not go out in public if you have a fever, cough, or other symptoms. 
  • Remember that disease knows no nationality: Asian Americans have been experiencing discrimination during the outbreak. We urge all to resist baseless fear and xenophobia, support Asian communities, and if you are in the Portland area, please report hate incidents to Portland United Against Hate.

We will continue to assess the situation, track recommendations and best practices from multiple public health agencies, and update our policies accordingly. Should you have any questions about how this may impact upcoming Oregon PSR-supported events or meetings, please contact us.

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(Original policy dated 3/11/20; latest update 9/2/21)