Get Trained to Canvass for Clean Energy!


Oregon PSR serves on the Steering Committee for the Portland Clean Energy Fund local ballot measure campaign. We’re still celebrating the submission of over 61,000 signatures earlier this month. Thank you for your support! Next, we’re training volunteers to canvass for the Portland Clean Energy Fund to ensure that it passes with a wide margin this November 2018.

More about the Portland Clean Energy Fund:

Organizations of color, environmental groups, health advocates, faith institutions, and other partners are organizing to pass the Portland Clean Energy Fund initiative in November 2018 on the City of Portland ballot. If passed, it will generate roughly $30 million annually through a 1% revenue surcharge on retail corporations with over a billion in national sales plus over $500,000 in local sales. The Fund will direct its resources to Portlanders who are on the front lines of climate change but have been excluded from the emerging low-carbon economy: low-income people and people of color.

Learn more at and pledge to vote YES this Fall when you receive your ballot.