Immigration: History, Imperialism, Incarceration, & Human Rights with Dr. Martin Donohoe


Oregon PSR Advisory Board Member Martin Donohoe, MD, FACP is the host of Prescription for Justice, a cable access television show that explores many of the issues that Oregon PSR works on. His latest episodes deal with immigration, history, imperialism, incarceration, and human rights, and features guest Matthew Anderson, MD, Associate Professor of Family Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and co-editor, Social Medicine.

Dr. Anderson shares his experiences as a doctor working in Latin America, visiting the southern border wall, and caring for undocumented immigrants incarcerated by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The discussion covers the epidemiology of US immigration, historical responses by the US government to various waves of immigration, how US imperialism and capitalism, along with climate change, has contributed to emigration from Central American nations, health problems of undocumented immigrants, and human rights violations occurring daily consequent to the dastardly policies of the Trump administration, including locking up children and separating families who have applied for asylum.

Episode 20 - Immigration: History, Imperialism, Incarceration, and Human Rights (Part 1)

Episode 21 Immigration: History, Imperialism, Incarceration, and Human Rights (Part 2)

These episodes build on Episode 11 (Immigration: Ethics and Philosophy) and Episode 19 (Undocumented Immigrants and Kidney Transplants: An Inspiring Story), along with Episode 8 (Complicit) covering Trump’s family history and view/policies on immigration.

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