Nuclear Power Puts Human Health at Risk

Pat_O'Herron_photo_2.jpg"Global climate change is the biggest public health emergency of our time. Air pollution and greenhouse gases present both immediate and indirect harm to people living across the globe, especially those who already are experiencing discrimination or economic hardship.

The science is clear: we must stop mining and fracking for coal, oil and gas and rapidly transition to clean energy to preserve a healthy, life-sustaining planet.

Investing in untested small modular nuclear reactor projects, as the U.S. Department of Energy just did with Oregon's NuScale Power to the tune of $40 million, is not a part of that transition. Nuclear power has never been and never will be clean energy."

Read the full article, an op-ed originally published in The Portland Tribune on 5/22/18, by Oregon PSR Board President Patrick O'Herron, MD.

Photo above of Patrick O'Herron, MD advocating for health-based solutions to the public health crisis of climate change.