Oregon PSR's 2021 Legislative Agenda


In many ways, the state of Oregon is at a crossroads: amid the unprecedented and traumatic crises of COVID-19, wildfires, and white supremacy, our state can choose between the status quo or a bold path forward towards a healthy and livable future. We cannot afford to go “back to normal” when “normal” wasn’t working for far too many people. Instead, our lawmakers have the opportunity to lay a foundation for a world where everyone is treated fairly, lives in a healthy home, and has a bright future.

Oregon PSR is hard at work under challenging circumstances to push for a bold state legislative agenda in 2021. We are excited to be focusing on the emerging Oregon Clean Energy Opportunity campaign to advance environmental justice, chart a course towards 100% clean electricity, and provide energy relief for families who need it most. We are working to address the public health crisis of mass incarceration, stop ill-advised nuclear power exemption bills, and advance progress on gun violence prevention, police accountability, and racial justice.

Below is our list of bills that we support, oppose, or are considering in the 2021 Oregon Legislative Session. This list is subject to change - please check this page for the most up-to-date information. Contact our registered lobbyist, Damon Motz-Storey, for more information. 

Oregon PSR’s 2021 State Legislative Agenda

Bills we support:

Bills we oppose:

  • Senate Bill 360 - Exempting small modular nuclear reactors from Oregon's current ban on nuclear power generation
  • House Bill 2332 - Repeals requirement for Oregon Energy Facility Siting Council to find a viable permanent storage site for nuclear waste before being able to consider siting a nuclear power facility in Oregon
  • House Bill 2692 - Exempts small modular nuclear reactors from Oregon's current requirement for them to be approved by voters before receiving a site certificate from the Oregon Energy Facility Siting Council.