Volunteer Kickoff: Portland Clean Energy Fund (PCEF)


The Portland Clean Energy Fund will be a November 2018 city ballot measure that would raise $30 million per year to weatherize homes, build rooftop solar, provide job training, grow local food production, and fund green infrastructure. Right now, we cannot depend on the federal government to fund a green economy and resilience to climate change. We cannot wait: it's up to us.

GET INVOLVED: Don’t miss the Portland Clean Energy Fund Volunteer kick-off event and training session on April 7th! Organizers will share an overview of the initiative and explore ways you, on your own or in teams, can join us in making Portland history.

To make this policy a reality is going to take a massive grassroots effort - are you ready for action??

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More on the Portland Clean Energy Fund:

What is the Portland Clean Energy Fund?

It's a City of Portland ballot initiative that, if passed, would generate $30 million annually to:

  • weatherize and solarize Portland homes and businesses;
  • provide job training, apprenticeships, and minority contractor support;
  • pay for energy efficiency upgrades for low income housing; and
  • build green infrastructure and local food production.

Funding would come from a 1% Business License Surcharge on retail corporations operating in Portland with over a billion in national sales plus over $500,000 in local sales. Groceries and medicines would be exempt.

Why We Need This Now

Cities all over the world are now taking the lead on responding to climate change. Unfortunately in the US there is a lack of funding at the local level to implement the types of projects that could meaningfully reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The lack of substantial action on climate issues in many ways mirrors the limited governmental action in addressing chronic economic and health inequities.

Low income households and people of color bear the least responsibility for the cause of climate change and are disproportionately impacted by its effects. Portlanders who need it most will receive energy efficiency housing upgrades and job training to address historic inequities.

Corporations Paying Their Fair Share

Large National Retail Corporations have the longest supply chains and don't account for greenhouse gases in the production and distribution of their products. In addition they pay the lowest wages and generally don't invest in our community. For every dollar spent at a national retail store, only 58 cents gets recirculated back into the community as opposed to 73 cents of every dollar spent at a locally owned store. Of the approximately 120 companies that will be affected, 45 have overseas tax havens, some with as many as 40 or 50 of these havens.

Accountability to the People of Portland

A Citizen’s Commission patterned after the successful Portland Children’s Levy will oversee competitive proposals for use of the funds. This Commission, comprised of nine people appointed by and accountable to the City Council, will reflect Portland’s diversity and provide expertise in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and/or advancing racial and economic justice. Nonprofit organizations, alone or in partnership with for-profit companies, schools and/or other government agencies, can apply for grants from the Fund to weatherize homes, install solar and other renewable energy projects, provide job and contractor training, expand local food production and build green infrastructure. At least 20% of the Fund’s grants shall be awarded to nonprofit organizations with a mission and track record of programs that benefit economically disadvantaged community members.

Who is organizing this?

PCEF was created by groups led by and working for the rights of our city's people of color and low income households. The steering committee includes: NAACP, APANO, Coalition of Communities of Color, NAYA Family Center,Verde, 350PDX, the Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club, The Audubon Society of Portland, and Oregon PSR.

Voters in Portland strongly support this measure and nearly 150 community organizations, businesses, and faith leaders have endorsed us.


It's time to invest in a Clean Energy Fund for all Portlanders.

We need your help. Will you gather signatures and/or contribute funds?


Sign up at portlandjustenergytransition.com/volunteer

April 07, 2018 at 12:00pm - 4pm
Central Lutheran Church

Will you come?