Protect Oregonians From Extreme Heat


In the summer of 2021, Oregon experienced a record heat wave in which at least 96 Oregonians died and countless others suffered due to lack of access to life-saving cooling devices. Over the past few years, Oregonians have faced months of unhealthy air quality from wildfire smoke, along with dangerous ice storms and other extreme weather events worsened by climate change.

As climate change fuels more extreme weather, it is essential that Oregonians are protected from the deadly impacts of heat waves and other climate-related disasters. Will you take action to ensure that Oregonians are safe and healthy during extreme weather events? 

Health professionals, energy and housing advocates, and environmental justice organizations have come together to urge the Oregon legislature to pass the Emergency Heat Relief Bills (HB 4058SB 1536) to help protect families from extreme weather. 

  • Emergency Heat Relief for Communities (House Bill 4058) would expand access and investment in emergency air conditioners, air filters,and  energy-efficient heat and cooling pumps.  This bill will prioritize people most impacted by extreme weather events including rural, low-income, elderly, disabled, Indigenous, Black, and People of Color communities.
  • A Renter’s Right to Cool (Senate Bill 1536) would remove barriers to renters who currently lack access to cooling and heating during extreme weather conditions by enabling renters to install portable air conditioners, investing in extreme weather shelters, and providing incentives for landlords to install efficient heat and cooling pumps.

As climate change brings more frequent and extreme weather events, it is essential that all Oregonians are prepared. Take action to urge your legislators to support the Emergency Heat Relief Bills.