Share Your Stories As We Celebrate 40 Years!


Oregon PSR is celebrating our 40th year of action for a more healthy, peaceful, and just world. Since our founding, our dedicated members, volunteers, and donors have been the driving force behind our mission to bring the perspective and expertise of healthcare and public health to the interconnected movements for a healthy climate, a nuclear-free world, and a more safe, peaceful, and just society.

Do you have stories from Oregon PSR’s past? We would love to hear from you about your memories of significant people, partnerships, and projects throughout the years, and learn about your hopes for the next 40 years of Oregon PSR.

Share your stories and memories with us here!

We’ll be collecting and sharing members’ memories, ideas, photos, and videos throughout the year. Please share your stories with us and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and subscribe to our new YouTube channel to follow our stories throughout the year.

Photo above: Longtime Oregon PSR Executive Director Del Greenfield (far left) and others protest nuclear weapons at a Nevada nuclear test site.