Stop Fracked Gas in Oregon – Protect our Waters and Climate!

Help us protect the health of our waters and the world’s climate by speaking out against a proposal to build a fracked gas pipeline and the first LNG export facility on the west coast. The US Army Corps of Engineers and Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has opened public comment periods for important Clean Water Act permits. Fracked gas pipelines in Oregon, New York, and Maryland have been stopped before through the Clean Water Act process because of impacts to rivers, streams, and wetlands.

You can help by submitting comments today to let agencies know why you are concerned about, and opposed to, the Jordan Cove project and Pacific Connector Pipeline.

  • This project would run a dangerous 229-mile fracked gas pipeline across private and public land, creating a 95-foot wide clearcut through southwest Oregon’s forests and farms to transport fracked gas from Canada and the US Rockies overseas.
  • This project would clear-cut over 480 rivers and streams, dumping sediment into drinking water, heating water needed by salmon, threatening tribal resources and burial grounds, and threatening hundreds of landowners.
  • The pipeline would terminate on the coast in an export facility in the Port of Coos Bay, Oregon. This facility would be located in a tsunami hazard zone and subject over 16,000 people to potentially hazardous burns in the event of an accident.
  • This would become the largest source of climate pollution in Oregon.  Full life cycle analysis estimates annual greenhouse gas emissions at 36.8 million metric tons or the equivalent of annual emissions from 7.9 million vehicles.

Please take action by submitting your comments today.