Sign our Petition to Support Building Electrification in Eugene


Please join us in encouraging the Eugene City Council to vote to direct staff to draft ordinance language mandating that new building construction be 100% electric by January 1st, 2023. You can take action now to make buildings healthier. Sign our petition today!

The City of Eugene is closer than ever to moving forward with Oregon’s first building electrification ordinance to transition our homes off of polluting fracked gas. Join us asking the council to mandate that new infrastructure in Eugene be all-electric (with certain narrow exemptions) for a vote on September 26th, so that we can stay on track to have it become effective in January 2023. Preventing investments in new fracked gas infrastructure would not only be a huge win for our climate, but would also address the health and equity issues that methane gas brings into our homes and our communities.

Buildings cause about one-third of Oregon’s climate pollution and burning so-called “natural” methane gas emits compounds and particles that decrease lung function, can exacerbate and lead to the development of asthma, and increase risk of stroke.

Take action today and be a voice for a just and livable future in Eugene and beyond.

Sign our petition today!