Tell OSU: Spend Your $4.3 Million Grant on Real Nuclear Security


Oregon State University (OSU) has received a $4.3 million grant from the National Nuclear Security Administration to work on computer simulations relative to ensuring the safety and security of the United States’ nuclear weapons stockpile. We need your help to encourage OSU staff to consider dismantling the US nuclear stockpile in their simulations, as the safest way by far to secure nuclear weapons is to dismantle and dispose of them altogether.

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In order to survive the legitimate threats that face our societies, it is crucial that our brightest scientific minds and limited resources no longer be wasted on maintaining nuclear weapons that will never keep us safe and imperil us today. As crises such as pandemics and climate chaos increase stress on communities around the world and intensify the likelihood of conflict, the potential for nuclear war will likely continue to grow.

Please join us in urging OSU to use this opportunity to direct their respected scientists and researchers to work towards true nuclear safety and security by mapping out a path for the United States to join the world community and embrace nuclear disarmament, the safest and most realistic way to prevent further nuclear injustice and a catastrophic nuclear war.

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