Tell Washington’s Governor Inslee to Reject Fracked Gas in Kalama


Fracked gas is a major public health hazard. Many communities near fracking wells and gas infrastructure experience contamination of their air and water. Particulate matter, formaldehyde, and other volatile organic compounds threaten their health. Most “natural” gas is methane, an extremely potent greenhouse gas. Calling it “natural” gas doesn’t make it safe. Methane leaks along pipelines are considerable - and they threaten the stability of our climate.

We’ve worked before to halt the proposed Kalama methanol refinery, which will convert fracked gas to methanol for export. We celebrated with partners when a Washington State hearings board overturned permits for the proposal. Now, a new permitting process has begun.

You helped us to stop Portland General Electric from building two new fracked gas power plants on the Columbia River. You stopped dirty coal trains and exports and dangerous oil-by-rail with phenomenal success. Now, we need your help to stop this project, which would use more fracked gas than all other industry in Washington State combined. Please tell Governor Inslee to oppose the world’s largest gas-to-methanol refinery proposed in Kalama, Washington.

This comment period is a key opportunity to convince Governor Inslee and state and local officials to stop the Kalama methanol refinery and the Kalama Lateral pipeline.

Cowlitz County, the Port of Kalama, and the Washington Department of Ecology should also deny the proposal under the authority of the State Environmental Policy Act.

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