Undoing the War on Drugs: Hope, Healing, and Measure 110


The failed War on Drugs has deepened racial disparities in policing, fueled mass incarceration, and kept people from receiving life-saving drug treatment and services.

Can Measure 110 bring hope for equity and healing?

This conversation will explore how Measure 110 can shrink our prisons and jails, transform public health, and make Oregon the first in the nation to support - not punish - people who struggle with addiction.

Our exciting panel features local and national leaders in the drug policy reform movement:

• Andy Ko, Executive Director of Partnership for Safety & Justice
• Deborah Small, Executive Director and Founder of Break the Chains
• Haven Wheelock, Injection Drug Users Health Services Program Coordinator of Outside In

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September 29, 2020 at 10:00am - 11am