Victory in Eugene!

Victory in Eugene! On February 7th Eugene City Council voted 5-3 to phase out fossil fuels, like gas, in all new residential construction starting in June 2023. This is a massive step towards making our homes safer and moving towards a fossil free future. 

Eugene joins 97 other cities around the country who have passed climate policy requiring or incentivizing electric appliances in new homes and buildings. With the Eugene victory under our belt, we are excited to see more cities around the country take steps towards electrification for the planet, and the health and safety of our communities. 

Gas appliances are a major source of dangerous pollution inside and out. Last year Multnomah County recommended a transition away from gas appliances due to all of the studies that have shown that 12% or one in eight child asthma cases can be attributed to gas stove pollution in the US. Watch a video showing gas stove pollution here.

As NW Natural begins to pull from the playbook of Big Tobacco we will continue to fight for healthy and safe homes. 

Want to learn more about the danger of gas in our homes? Check out PSR's Cooking with Gas: Health Harms of Gas Stoves video