VICTORY! Tesoro-Savage Oil Terminal Officially Over!


Today, the Port of Vancouver voted to formally terminate its lease with Tesoro-Savage on February 28th, 2018. This decision, agreed to by Tesoro-Savage, terminates the lease a month early and allows the Port to seek new tenants. With termination of the lease, the Tesoro-Savage oil shipping terminal cannot go forward.

In his remarks to the Port Commissioners, Tesoro-Savage’s general manager stated that the company would donate its last monthly rent payment to community organizations.

In response, the Stand Up To Oil campaign issues the following statement:

“The Port and the people of Vancouver can now move forward and invest in infrastructure that reflects the community’s values and needs,” Rebecca Ponzio, Stand Up To Oil campaign director. “The Port’s action removes concerns about a lengthy appeals process and recognizes the broad and deep public opposition to the project.”

Recent Decisions:

Review of Tesoro Savage EFSEC Process Timeline

  • August 2013: Initial Application submitted by Tesoro-Savage
  • January 2014: Application amended by Tesoro-Savage
  • May 2014: Land Use Consistency Hearing
  • December 2014: Tesoro preliminary EIS found inadequate
  • January 2015: Application amended by Tesoro-Savage
  • January 2015: Adjudication process officially commenced
  • November 2015: DEIS released for public comment
  • May 2016: Application amended by Tesoro-Savage
  • June-July 2016: Adjudication
  • October 2016: Application amended by Tesoro-Savage
  • October 2016: Stormwater Construction Permit released for public comment
  • May 2017: Notice of Construction Air Permit released for public comment
  • July 2017: Industrial Stormwater Permit released for public comment
  • November 2017: FEIS released
  • December 2017: Recommendation released
  • January 9, 2018: Port moves to rescind the lease

View the 2/27/18 press release.