We Need Your Help to Clean Oregon's Air


ACTION ALERT: See below for call script.

It is well known that Oregon has an air pollution problem. For the past 18 months, hundreds of Oregonians including impacted communities, scientists, health professionals, public agencies, and businesses have come together to do the hard work to create new health protections through the Cleaner Air Oregon process. Two simple bills were put forward in the Oregon legislature to fund the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to implement Cleaner Air Oregon (HB 4002 and SB 1508). One terrible bill was also put forward (SB 1541). HB 4002 is still alive, while SB 1508 was defeated.

Now, industry has stepped in with a backroom deal to amend SB 1541 to their liking.

This bill is a dangerous ploy by industry to destroy the work of Cleaner Air Oregon and shift from health-based policy to a polluter-friendly law. This Senate bill moves us backwards and must be stopped immediately.

Take Action! Call (503-986-1200) or email House Speaker Tina Kotek today. Ask her to be our champion by making sure industry doesn’t call the shots. Tell her that the amended SB 1541 is a public health disaster that must be stopped. Tell her we want DEQ funding to implement Cleaner Air Oregon as directed in HB 4002.


"Hi, my name is __________ and I'm calling because I'm concerned about Oregon's air quality. I urge you to reject Senate Bill 1541 as it contains outdated, polluter-friendly standards that aren't based in public health and endanger our most vulnerable residents. Please support House Bill 4002, which is rooted in 18 months of careful crafting by impacted communities, scientists, health professionals, and businesses to advance environmental justice and clean air for all Oregonians. 

Again, please do not advance SB 1541 and instead support HB 4002. Thank you!"

Additional talking points:

SB 1541 is a disaster on so many levels:

-It prevents improvements in air quality, cementing into law outdated polluter-friendly standards that are not health-based or health-protective;

-It sells out impacted communities and makes a mockery of environmental justice concerns; and

-It destroys 18 months of good faith efforts by hundreds of Oregonians, impacted communities, scientists, health professionals, public agencies, and businesses to develop the Cleaner Air Oregon program.

Don't let industry control the air we breathe. Call Speaker Kotek today (503-986-1200) and tell her that you 100% oppose the polluter-sponsored bill from the Senate. Support her to pass a bill that funds DEQ to implement Cleaner Air Oregon with no dirty strings attached!