Healthy Climate Victory in Eugene!


Great news! The City of Eugene voted this week to move forward with several measures advancing the transition away from gas in homes and buildings. The motions include one directing staff to draft ordinance language to mandate that all new homes be constructed 100% electric by June 1st, 2023; a second advancing conversations to transition new commercial and industrial construction to require all electric; and a third seeks to formalize Eugene’s goal of electrifying all existing residential and commercial buildings by 2035. 

This is a huge win for our climate and healthier buildings. Buildings cause about one-third of Oregon’s climate pollution and burning so-called “natural” methane gas emits compounds and particles that decrease lung function, can exacerbate and lead to the development of asthma, and can even lead to heart attacks and strokes. Electrified homes are of great importance and urgency especially as people seek shelter and access to highly-efficient electric appliances like heat pumps in safe and healthy environments from events exacerbated by climate change such as this week's excessive heat wave.

We thank all of the community members and partners involved in raising voices and moving us towards a healthier climate.