Healthy Buildings

Imagine an Oregon where houses, apartments, cafeterias, and workplaces are not causing harm to human health through emissions from gas appliances. We invite you to imagine a future with 100%-electric clean and safe buildings and homes.

278958975_7384443861629189_1530970288883324656_n.jpgGas appliances are not safe. Homes with gas stoves have 50% to over 400% higher nitrogen dioxide levels in their indoor air than homes with electric stoves, which can lead to heart failure and asthma. Additionally, children in homes with gas stoves have a 42% increased risk of asthma symptoms. The exposure to these hazards are preventable and unnecessary.

Oregon PSR's Healthy Climate Program supports a just transition away from fossil fuels, which are primary contributors to climate change and a serious threat to human health. So-called "Natural" gas causes harm to the environment, as well as to human health in spaces as close and intimate as our homes. We invite you to join us in advocating for a future with healthier, safer, and cleaner buildings and homes including 100% electric buildings. Our Healthy Buildings Campaign educates health professionals, the public, and elected officials on the health impacts of gas appliances and methane. We work with community organizations and coalition partners towards an innovative, equitable, and just transition towards electrification.

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Listen & Watch

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The Health Impacts of Gas Stoves - September 15th, 2021 presentation

Fact sheets & Reports

All Electric Homes - A Health Professional's Guide and Fact Sheets, RMI

Methane Gas: Health, Safety, and Decarbonization - August 2021 report, PPFG


En Español - Spanish Translation

Public - Contaminación Por Estfas de Gas (Hoja Informativa) / Gas Stove Pollution  (Factsheet)

Health Professionals - Contaminación Por Estfas de Gas (Hoja Informativa) / Gas Stove Pollution  (Factsheet)