Nuclear-Free Northwest

the Columbia Generating station seen from a distance, with two men in the foreground

On the outskirts of the Columbia Generating Station, the Pacific Northwest's only nuclear power plant, near Richland, WA

Health advocates know that the extremely long and dangerous lifespan of radioactive waste means that the most responsible option is for the US and other nations to stop making nuclear waste and to safely store the waste it has already made. In 2012, Oregon PSR and Washington PSR formed a joint task force on nuclear power to protect the health of people and the environment from nuclear energy. Responding to nuclear power's financial costs, safety concerns, and threats to regional health, the task force is now known as our Nuclear-Free Northwest Program. 

Current goals for the Nuclear-Free Northwest Program include:

  1. Closing the Columbia Generating Station (formerly WPPSS #2), the Pacific Northwest's only remaining commercial nuclear power plant;
  2. Preventing construction of new nuclear power plants in our region, including small modular reactors;
  3. Advocating for safe storage of existing radioactive waste (hardened on-site storage, not Yucca Mountain).

Learn more about our work to protect the health of Pacific Northwest communities from the inherent dangers of nuclear power at the following links:

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